If you're having trouble getting setup, I'll do my best to answer your queries as soon as possible. I'm located in the Philippines (PHT) so please be aware of any time difference. Support covers getting setup, trouble using any features, and bug fixes. Regretfully, I cannot provide support for modifications or 3rd party plugins.

Before going further, please read the following terms:

  1. In-order to open a ticket you need to verify your PURCHASE CODE. Please make sure it is VALID.
  2. By opening a PUBLIC TICKET you'll help solve related problems. Make sure you don't share any sensitive information such as username and password.
  3. While the goal of this system is to provide you the best customer support service as possible, I cannot guarantee any further/heavy customization such as CSS and third party plugins that are not listed as "supported plugins". However, I might help you with small things like CSS customization that goes through the theme option, but please bear in mind that this is very limited.
  4. Support is offered Monday through Friday, but please allow up to 24-48hrs for your ticket to get reviewed & responded to.
  5. Please try scanning other tickets before posting your problem, your problem might have been solved already.
  6. Please explain your situation well, providing screenshots will help a lot and this can save us a lot of time.
  7. Please avoid any unnecessary words that might offend or hurt other people.
  8. Good luck and have fun!

Through the Support Site, you can create a support ticket in order to private, individual help or post a question in one of the public forums.

Thank you so much and have a great day.

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